New Year’s Eve Party. Celebrate the new year with boboli.

2016 is ending, a year full of adventures and discoveries. This year we’ve surfed far-away seas and danced our feet off to the sound of rock ‘n roll. Send the year off with a bang by taking these tips from boboli. Let’s get the party started!


If you like DIY crafts, you can fill balloons with confetti for when the ball drops, or you can buy them ready made from this link.


Decorate your walls with fun mylar balloons spelling out messages. You can use the space as a backdrop for your New Year’s “photo call”.


Surround yourself with magic characters like Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men on the last day of the year. These plates by Meri Meri will fill your party with cheer.


Surprise your guests with these disco ball cups or word-shaped straws.


If you’re crafty, you can personalize plastic cups using glitter. Learn how to do it here.

To liven up your party, we’ve created this playlist of rock Christmas songs. Covers and original songs by our favorite artists for the holidays.


What was your favorite song of the year? Or your best moment? Think back on special memories with a game of question and answer to play with the whole family. You can write your own questions or download a set of cards here.


What lies in store for 2017? Find out with these fortune cookies. You can add fun messages for the whole family.


The countdown is starting! If you follow the twelve grapes tradition, it’s easier to have them ready ahead of time. There are any number of unique ways of preparing them: you can make a hedgehog or create bracelets. And if your little ones don’t like grapes, take note of these 12 alternatives.


Now we’re ready to say, Happy New Year! And to start 2017, a piñata in the shape of a gingerbread man. Boom!