Ghoulishly funtastic Halloween Nibbles


Witches’ Broomsticks


  • 1 bag of Pretzel sticks
  • Chives
  • 100 g Havarti cheese

Follow these steps:

  1. Cut a few slices of cheese, then use a kitchen scissors to snip the bottom part of the slices in order to fashion the bristles for the broom.
  2. Wrap the slices around the end of pretzel sticks and tie them up with the chives.
  3. Done! Did you see how easy and fast that was?

Monster-faced Apples


  • 2 big apples
  • Strawberries
  • A handful of shelled sunflower seeds
  • Peanut butter cream

Follow these steps:

  1. Begin by washing the apples well. Then, cut them into quarters and remove the core with any seeds. Now cut a shape for our little monster’s open mouth in the central part of each quarter and remove the flesh.
  2. Embed the sunflower seeds, the teeth, in the upper part of the mouth and smear the lower part with creamy peanut butter.
  3. Cut the strawberries into thin slices. Place a slice on top of the peanut butter and we’ll have the monster’s tongue.
  4. Easy and such fun! 


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