Back to Cool: Go Back to School in Style


The count down for going back to school has begun after long weeks of holidays. Soon it’ll be time to prepare backpacks, pencil boxes, books… and clothes! The wardrobe must be filled with colour to welcome autumn. Comfy, practical and versatile garments so you can start the school year full well. What discoveries will there be this year?

In boboli we return with greater eagerness than ever before. Your clothes will be ready to withstand somersaults, sophisticated verticals and endless washes. As always, without giving up on the quality that has always characterises us.


We’re certain you’ve missed the smell of your pencil box very much; it was stowed away for so many months… As well as your text books, notebooks, school bag… Difficult to forget!


Get your backpack ready, revise your summer experiences to explain without leaving out any details, ready yourself to grow and discover.


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