TOP 10: the most wanted of the season


It is undeniable that our little ones are “style icons”, we leave you with the garments that have been most successful among our boboli fans. Ready? We start at the top!

10. The special events season called for special outfits. This skort is great for running and jumping without losing any style.

9. This white t-shirt is a basic that saves the day when we don’t know what to wear. To go to school, go on a school trip, or plan an adventure. Let’s go riding!

8. The denim jacket (also known as the in-between-seasons’ star) is the smart choice on the days when the weather is unpredictable. This one with the little flowers makes us even more excited for spring.

7.  If we had to pick a pattern, it would be polka dots. This dress is both cute and fun. Great for springtime walks in the sun.

6. Sports fans at home? This sweatshirt is perfect to wear after training. With that colour, you won’t go unnoticed.

5. This jacket with a cow on the hood is perfect for keeping your child warm on the coldest days.

4. We hope that the summer will be full of colour. This sweatshirt is great for spring.

3. We will rock you! We reach our top 3 with this “guitar shirt”. We love music, and this shirt is even better. Yeah!

2.  The silver medal goes to these stretch denim trousers. With their two-tone and comfy design, they will become your new favourite trousers.

1. She loves me… she loves me not… The gold medal in our top 10 goes to this daisy-print dress. Who would say ‘no’ to a cool dress for this spring?

Colourful prints, gift ideas and clothes for special events. As you can see, our bestsellers are all different. And for you, which ones would be your top choices?


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