The best looks for a perfect Sunday


We know… there’s nothing better than an entire day of playing outside in the open. Spring is already here, so we can enjoy our free time to the utmost. We don’t need much, only the urge, cheer and imagination to have a great time with family and friends. In fact, you don’t have to go very far; a park, a wood, a garden or the closest beach. Any of these places can become a paradise for play in a matter of seconds.

The most important thing? Your imagination! That is why we propose different looks so that your Sundays of play are even better. Shall we?


The rope pyramid on the beach becomes a palace when you start imagining its tall stone towers and the moat covered with flowers.  

Look made up of a knit jacket, a knit romper, a dress, socks and a pack of scarves.


From way up high, we can imagine new stories and unknown games. The power of our minds will let us have a swell time.

Look comprising a plush jacket, knit t-shirt, leggings, a cap, dress and white runners.


Cycles and scooters are the jewel in the crown of our games… In fact, they become the carriages we ride on.

In the photograph: a plush jacket, knit t-shirt, Bermuda shorts, a cap and green runners.


We can stroll in city parks, chase monsters made of clouds and imagine the fireworks.

In the photograph: a technical fabric parka, serge pants, a batiste blouse, a dress and white sandals


Together we can climb, observe, hide away and chuckle. We need only enjoy any Sunday at all in the best company.

In the photo: a plush jumper, a knit t-shirt, Bermuda shorts, another knit t-shirt, serge pants and runners.


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