Streetstyle: Outfits Inspired by Rap Stars

The streets are our inspiration. Full of culture, art and color. Many breakthrough musical styles and the most incredible trends have been born on the street. Today, we look at great rappers, hip hop and R&B stars and imitate their looks. Who’s your favorite?

boboli-look-beyonce-grafica boboli-look-beyonce

The queen of R&B, soul and hip hop has an unmistakable style. Her stage sets and outfits are always amazing. So let your hair down and put together a smashing diva look! Combine a leather jacket with print trousers and try out some special accessories like a hat with a giant pompom or ankle boots with a row of buckles. Get ready to take the world by storm!


moda-infantil-boboli-looks-hip-hop-Kanye West copia boboli-look-kanye

Austere pieces, solid colors and original designs. The singer and producer Kanye West mixes classic lines with more casual pieces, yet always with a sophisticated touch. If you like his style, this is your outfit: a bomber jacket with a hood, sweatpants with a quilted detail at the knee, and accessories that add a touch of color, like all-purpose sneakers and a backpack to match.


boboli-look-mia-letras boboli-look-mia

If there is one star who fuses styles and cultures, it’s M.I.A. Both her music and her outfits are a blend, since this London artist lived in Sri Lanka as a child. Imitate her look with this gold dress by boboli, a satin jacket and boho accessories like a turban, round-rimmed glasses and tribal ankle boots.


This rapper from L.A. takes street style to another level. Lamar always opts for urban pieces and sportswear and has even designed his own sneakers. If you’re down with his flow, we have the perfect outfit for you: a grey jacket with technical fabric, jeans, and a hat with a matching scarf.


moda-infantil-boboli-looks-hip-hop-Rihanna copia boboli-look-rihanna

Rihanna is the queen of athleisure, a trend that has been going strong in recent years, mixing sportswear with other garments.  In other words, what we would call “casual chic”. To get our favorite diva’s look, you can combine a sweatshirt with a tulle skirt and add some original accessories, like these bird print socks, retro sneakers and a pink choker.