Santa’s little helpers: How to make a sustainable Christmas tree


Families, it’s time to get paper and scissors out! We’ll show you how to make a different and very creative Christmas tree in this article.

We suggest you use materials that you have around the house, but if you don’t have all of them, just let your creativity flow and substitute them with something similar.

How to make a cardboard tree

Materials we’ll be using:

  • Cardboard box: For example, a cereal box. In this way you can make more than one tree of a size that’s perfect for the little ones to handle without problems.
  • Coloured paper: We’ll cut out the most colourful bits from magazines or newspapers
  • Pencils and markers: It’s always good to have a few on hand to put the final touches
  • Extras: Glue, scissors, bows, cord and anything that can become a decoration for our tree with a little bit of imagination.

Let’s get to work:

Draw the shape of an evergreen on one of the sides of the cereal box and replicate it on the other. When you have two identical silhouettes, you must make a cut in the centre,  in one, going from the top to the bottom and in the other, from the bottom to the top, without dividing them completely into two.

Once you fit them together, look for a place to stick them (the lateral strips of the box will serve our purpose) and you have a Christmas tree that is ready to be decorated!

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A wooden tree
We propose that you make a tree with strips of wood that you can find if you live in a city or in the outskirts.

Materials we’ll be using:

  • Strips of wood: We can use branches, fruit boxes, slats, pallets… whatever you have closest on hand!
  • Cord: Cord will do very nicely to hang our tree from the roof and also for holding the entire structure together. However, if you don’t want a hanging tree, you must find a stable base to which you can glue the branches or strips.
  • Decoration: Once again, the part that is the most fun is totally fancy-free. You can decorate your trees with whatever you like: dry leaves, pine cones, coloured paper, buttons or plaster.

Let’s get to work:

You must clean the strips of wood so that the children don’t hurt themselves with the surfaces, and then tie them up tightly, from big to small, to a base that will give them stability. Or you can tie them with the cord by making knots.

And the rest will be sheer fun creating all types of decorations. And if you’re feeling particularly artistic, why not create a coloured Christmas tree by painting each branch in a different colour.

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So now you know, save this post, organise an evening of Christmas crafts for the entire family and make these Christmas holidays into the most sustainable ones yet.  


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