Let’s learn the secret language of surfers


To become a true surfer you need to become acquainted with their language. So we’re going to tip you off on some basic words you need that the kings of the water use when practicing their favourite sport. We’re certain that after these lessons, you too will be quite an expert in their language when you’re in the sea. Shall we get to work?

  1. Bottom turn: Manoeuvre that can only be seen or felt by those who claim they’ve done it and that’s usually followed by the question: “Did you see the bottom turn I just executed?” 
  2. Closeouts: These are waves that break very fast… Or just too fast for our level.
  3. Glassy: Crystal clear, smooth and perfect wave conditions. There’s no wind on the surface of the wave in a sea in which not a drop is out of place.
  4. Normal, Regular Stance: When you ride on the right side facing the wall, with the left foot in the front part of the surfboard and the right foot at the back of the surfboard.
  5. Goofy Foot: When you ride on the left side facing the wall, with the right foot in the front part of the surfboard and the left in the back part.
  1. Dropper:  Surfers that drop in on waves or try manoeuvres without a care for others who could be in their path. A constant danger, so when in the water, keep an eye out on this type of rider.
  2. Snake: Surfer who also generally drops in, but who additionally claims the waves of others, does not respect right of way or priorities and is deaf and blind. 
  3. Shaper: The magician of forms, the creator of our surfboards, the seasoned old hand meeting our impossible demands, haste and attempts to lower prices. An artist.
  4. Kook: We can all be kooks at a given moment. A learner, novice, absentminded or a beginner. 
  5. Wipeout: The natural hangout of the kook and where we don’t want to find ourselves, above all when it’s a long wave. Don’t struggle or you’ll use up more oxygen, and protect your head.  
  6. Stoked: Enthusiasm for surfing, getting hooked positively to this sport, being full of the good energy of the waves.


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