Gift Guide: Toys that Will Take Over the Streets

Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar have made up their minds: this Christmas season, no electric games and no TV. On January 6, everyone will be playing out on the street! You can rely on traditional games like hide-and-seek or hopscotch, or pick up some of these fun toys. Discover our games selection.

Take off the training wheels! These “First Go” bikes from the brand Banwood are perfect for kids’ first rides all on their own. Their retro design reminds us of the classic touring bikes we all rode as children. Oh! And don’t forget a helmet! We suggest this turquoise number by Bobbin or this one with a cherry print by Kiddimoto.

Let’s play! That’s what this collection of wooden toys by Me & Mine is called. Toys for yesterday, today and always – suitable for all ages and cultures. They’ll help you test out the infinite superpowers of play: intelligence, happiness, sociability, creativity, and more

Speed up! Four-wheeled roller skates are back. Our favorites are these in pastel colors, retro red and glittery blue. How about you?

Ping pong is great fun, and it’s a sport the whole family can play. Even grandma and grandpa! The brand Smallable Toys makes this portable table from recycled cardboard. And Des Enfantillages has won us over with this set of wooden paddles with a touch of color. We can’t decide which one to choose!

The diabolo, a simple but incredibly entertaining toy. This is boboli’s selection: a semitransparent blue design, a two-toned retro style or a multicolored harlequin diabolo. Perfect for afternoons in the park!

We were looking for the most hardcore skateboards in the world, but we came across a handful of original and colorful styles. Designs with color gradients, a metallic effect or psychedelic prints. If you like these, check out what Penny or Globe have to offer.

Faster, faster! Jump ‘til you drop with a wooden-handled jump rope – a true classic. We like these three styles: retro stripes, animal shapes or ice cream cones.