Ideas for Making your Recycled Christmas Tree Decorations!


Christmas is around the corner… and we, in boboli, love to recycle! Recycling is the best way to put things that are gathering dust to good use… because we can create new materials from them. Recycling depends on the contribution of raw materials from millions of people. Did you know that?

Although this Christmas is arriving at a strange and complicated time… we will try to make it as special and magical as before… days full of dreams and fun when the family comes closer together.

Do you know what we like best about Christmas? Decorating the tree together… the finest thing to do. So, we suggest you craft something different and really enjoyable. How about creating your own decorations from recycled materials for decking the tree? In boboli, we believe in sustainability and responsible consumption.

 Join us and make your Christmas tree the most beautiful and original of all. We have taken these ideas from the Ecoblog Nonoa…, which has the most marvellous ideas. We’re leaving you with some:

Cloth baubles

We will make these baubles with those pieces of fabric leftovers that daddy and mummy have stored away in the sewing drawer. I’m sure there’ll be remnants of curtain hems or other scraps lying there unused. You will also need ribbons and/or twine for tying the baubles and giving them that Christmassy look.

Cardboard hearts

All you need to make these hearts is some cardboard and narrow strips of fabric to cover them! They are very easy and entertaining to make. You could even use wool, string or fine cord… something you have and are not using.

For the shape, make a template with paper, draw a heart on it, one big one and another smaller one within it and cut it out. Now use this template to outline around it with a pencil on some cardboard you have, from a shoebox, for example.

Once we have the heart cut out, we will cover it with the fabric we’ve chosen. First, we will place a sufficient amount of fabric in the middle of the heart, and we fold it so we can hang it later. We then draw the fabric over the bottom and around the entire heart. When this is done, we tie the tip to the piece we left for the hanging loop.

Cards with positive messages

What can be better than positive messages? So, we suggest you make cards for your tree with words that give us strength and energy.

Simply use dark-coloured cardboard or craft paper to cut out forms you fancy best. If you don’t have a hole punch, use a needle to pass a thread through the cards for hanging the messages. Now all that is left to do is think up the words you want to write… one per card! Come… let your imagination fly!


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