Get organized in the new year. Practical tips for making your life easier.

Start 2017 on the right foot with maximum organization. Optimize your day-to-day and spend more time on what you love. Here are some practical tips to make family life easier and smooth out your routine. It’s going to be a great year!

Organize your dolls
Build a zoo for your stuffed animals. We loved this great idea from Nitfy.

Other creative ways of organizing your dolls and toys include building a garage from toilet paper tubes or using a hammock to corral all your stuffed toys.


Horray for boxes and baskets!
A must have for any organizer. Some are unique and will add a fun touch to your home, like the ones from Tellkiddo, or these on Etsy in the shape of a shark, or the ones by Misöky.


Breakfast made easy
We know that peeling and cutting fruit can be a real drag. Take a look at these ingenious techniques for preparing fruit in a matter of seconds.

Another great idea for a breakfast with no surprises. It can be used for pets too.

A clock for after school
A great idea to help kids keep to their schedules so they know what they should be doing at any time of day. We loved this colorful option, but you can easily personalize your own design.


Organized clothes
To optimize your closet space, use aluminum pull tabs to hold hangers together. A classic organization strategy is to lay out your outfits in advance, for example by using this customized hanging organizer.


Charming bookshelves
Organize your books and create unique reading areas by reusing wooden boxes or repurposing spice racks.


Weekly planner
Finally, what better way to organize your family’s schedule than by using a weekly planner. For example, this one from  Mr. Wonderful.