Fashion for little physicists: Are you light, energy or rest?

There are days when you wake up feeling like the world is your oyster. Others, you’re in chill out mode. The laws of physics are as varied as your moods. With that in mind, we’ve created five outfits for girls inspired by five different laws: light, energy, rest, balance and acceleration. Which one do you feel like most today?

💪🏼 E N E R G Y 💪🏼
Your little one’s energy is contagious, isn’t it? That’s why this look is pure vitality. An ultra comfortable outfit in orange tones, with floral details and retro accessories. The ideal accompaniment to a perfect Sunday.
In the photo, butterfly t-shirt by boboli, round sunglasses, retro sneakers, straw hat with pom-poms and boboli floral leggings.

☀️L I G H T☀️
Could anything more pure and tender than childhood? This look, with a naive and romantic touch, is pure light. A mix of white pieces with pastel accessories and rainbow details. Radiant!
Girl’s outfit consisting of a boboli T-shirt, white embroidered shorts, sneakers with glitter and rainbows, multicolored sunglasses and a kawaii style backpack with wings.

🚴A C C E L E R A T I O N🚴
This weekend we’re going on a picnic. Grab your bike, pull on your most colorful leggings and your coolest sweatshirt and accelerate. Our only goal is to have fun.
In the image, calf-length leggings in a tropical boboli print, disposable plate and glass set, picnic basket, boboli embroidered sweatshirt and platform sneakers.

📖 R E S T 📖
✓ Snack devoured. ✓ Homework done. ✓ Room cleaned. It’s time to get comfortable and relax. Put on this flowy boboli romper, grab your favorite book, like El libro de Gloria Fuertes para niños y niñas, and let yourself be
In the image, girl’s romper, pink reading glasses, the book El libro de Gloria Fuertes para niños y niñas, striped boboli jacket and pull-on slippers.

🏄 B A L A N C E 🏄
Magenta + green. Blue + yellow. Red + cyan. Complementary colors are the ones just opposite each other on the color wheel. And combining them is a lot of fun! To create balanced contrasts in your looks, mix complementary colors and get ready to be amazed. Who knew that magenta and green could look so good together?
Outfit consisting of polka dot sunglasses, flamingo bag, green boboli trousers, bubblegum pink tropical T-shirt and pastel pink espadrilles.