Four indispensable reads for this summer


After an intense year full of early rising, classes and homework… you have earned some well-deserved and terrific holidays! It’s time to have fun, play, bathe and rest, but also to enjoy the best books while sunbathing or relaxing in the shade of a tree.

It’s a wonderful activity to boost your love for reading, to fill yourself with knowledge and increase your reading comprehension. You must know that it is very important to make use of the free time you have to read during your holidays. A very long break can affect your reading skills. So, since you know… let yourself be seduced by the magic of reading!

Today we, together with the Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, are offering you a selection of their finest books so that your summer is even more marvellous.


Your brain is so curious that it wants to leave your body in order to carry on learning? Careful! To avoid that happening, you will have to feed it with the best brain teaser games, the most entertaining and convoluted challenges in the world and a little magic!

Put your brain to the test and challenge your friends with the most impressive tricks!



THE CASE OF THE FORBIDDEN CAVE (Teresa Blanch and José Ángel Labari Ilundain)

Go deep into the new cases of the Sleuths, where fun and humour is guaranteed. Pepa and Maxi, the bold detectives, are up against a new mystery… camping in a meadow close to a cave doesn’t seem so dangerous, until they start hearing sounds that are extremely baffling and, shadows appear outside the tent! Everything points to the cave being bewitched… will they be able to muster up the courage to investigate its depths?

Become a detective with Pepa Pistas and Maxi Casos!



ULA Y HOP by Eric Lilliput and Laia López

Watch where you step… the miniatures are here! A series for first-time readers with full-colour illustrations! Two very small friends who will live great adventures.

Ula and Hop at the birthday party. Dani is going to a birthday party today! Human children suddenly get old over there… No? Luckily Ula and Hop will do everything in their power to prevent a catastrophe!


Ula and Hop discover a secret. Ula, Hop and their siblings go camping with Dani! They say there’s a secret city there… but it’s hard to even imagine what it’s like. Ula and Hop are so eager to unravel the mystery…



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