boboli Garden Team: Fun Ideas for a Winter Garden.

We bet your housekeeping team has your home gleaming and happy. How about the garden? We can help you liven it up during the cold weather! Keep reading to discover some ideas both for winter and for Christmas. You’ll be able to enjoy the garden and terrace all year round.


A garden right out of Game of Thrones.
As far as TV series go, what could be wintrier than Game of Thrones? Turn your garden into a medieval setting with an original felt fire and a cardboard castle to play in. And if your family loves crafts, here’s a fun idea for the coming vacation.
deco-jardin-invierno-boboli-4Felt fire and DIY cardboard castle.

Succulents, a great ally.
If you want a terrace or garden that stays green in winter too, succulents are a good option. Ask your florist what varieties are the most versatile to ensure they’ll last all year. And for decoration, we love this idea using recycled cans.deco-jardin-invierno-boboli-7-dCactus and succulent garden and planters made from recycled cans.

Fun in the garden.
The best thing about a garden is enjoying it with your family, playing together. Here are two classics: tin can toss, and a hobby horse in its contemporary version. The kids will be thrilled!deco-jardin-invierno-boboli-9Vintage tin can toss and toy ride-on llama.

Sculpture contest.
If temperatures are extreme where you live, and you’d rather leave the gardening for springtime, you can still have a good time outdoors with your children. One good idea is to organize an ice sculpture contest. Here’s a little inspiration…


Light up your Christmas.
If you like original decorations, you’ll love these two ideas for Christmas lighting. We suggest making colorful lanterns using recycled bottles or pineapple-shaped lights; great for Christmas and for summer dinners outdoors. 
deco-jardin-invierno-boboli-5DIY lanterns using recycled bottles and Christmas lights shaped like pineapples.

Delightful trees.
If you’re lucky enough to have trees in your garden, you can decorate them using variations of classic Christmas ornaments. You can even create a theme for each tree. Here are two ideas to inspire you.deco-jardin-invierno-boboli-3-cWoodland animal ornaments and felt decorations.

Colorful house fronts.
Don’t forget the porch and the front of the house. You can use typical Christmas decorations, but in giant versions. What do you think of this balloon holly or an XXL candy cane? Your house will be a hit on Instagram!
deco-jardin-invierno-boboli-8Giant balloon holly and XXL candy cane.

Introducing the tió! 🙂
We’re extending an official welcome to our most adorable Christmas friend. If you’ve never heard of the tió de Nadal, it’s one of our Christmas traditions. We love decorating logs with the kids and giving them their own personalities: cheery, lazy, sleepy… You can set it out in the garden to give a warm welcome to your guests.deco-jardin-invierno-boboli-2Tió de Nadal by the artist Jaime Vicente.

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