Autumn vegetables and surprising ways of cooking them. Shall be begin?


Pumpkin, mushrooms, cauliflower, spinach… we normally always cook them in the same old way. But today we’ll give a host of different ideas and recipes for savouring them. Autumn is a time for wonderful mushrooms and vegetables. Pumpkins, cabbages and mushrooms are the queens of this season not only because of their taste, but also their versatility in the kitchen.

We’re posing a challenge: cooking pumpkin and cauliflower using different methods. Would you like that?


Cream of pumpkin

The main ingredient is pumpkin. You can also add onions, leeks, carrots, or other vegetables you fancy. You can also use creamy vegetables that are not very sweet, like potatoes.

Steamed pumpkin

All you have to do is peel the pumpkin and cut it in medium-sized pieces to steam cook it. It will get very tender in a few minutes (8 – 10 minutes, depending on the size of the pieces).

Roasted pumpkin

Roasting sweet pumpkin cut in thick slices will both soften and leave it lightly caramelised. The sweetest varieties tend to be greenish or reddish in colour, rounder and flatter.


Steamed cauliflower

If you like your cauliflower very tender and white, but don’t like the smell it gives off while cooking, steam cook it. Cut it in medium-sized pieces, in the smallest of florets. Cook until you get the texture you want (it cooks fast, 7-10 minutes).

Roasted cauliflower

Boiled cauliflower is not very appetising, among other things because of the smell released when cooking it. However, roasting it in an oven gives us a very tasty vegetable, with a better texture and aroma.

Fried cauliflower

If you don’t like boiled, steamed or roasted cauliflower, try frying it. You don’t need to deep-fry, it will suffice to cover the bottom of the frying pan with oil.

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