Shall we decorate? Personalized coloured flowerpots


Is there anything better than giving your things a personal touch? Choose the colour, the drawings, the forms… everything to your taste! That’s why we’ll be discovering how to paint terracotta flowerpots with a mottled effect today. That word will surely get you wondering… what are they saying? But we assure you that you’ll love this technique. Stay and discover it with us. 


  • Terracotta flowerpots
  • Acrylic colour paints
  • Sponge
  • Elastic band
  • Flat brush or paintbrushes
  • Pencils or thin wooden sticks

Follow these steps:

  1. Paint two coats of a light colour, white, beige… whichever one you prefer!
  2. When they have dried, we will decorate the flowerpots with a speckling technique. What does that mean? We will dab small dots on with a piece of sponge tied to a pencil or thin stick.
  3. How do we do that? By touching the surface of the flowerpot with the sponge and interspersing the different colours on it. You can make as many dots as you want. Let your imagination fly!
  4. When you’ve finished, let it dry. A few hours later your flowerpots will be ready for planting your favourite greenery or flowers. Could they be more beautiful?


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