4 (easy) tips for a more sustainable life


Getting the children up, school, work, extracurricular activities, keeping the house from looking like a zoo and finding two minutes for that moment of quiet relaxation, can well be considered an olympic event. And in the midst of this marathon of responsibilities, when can we collaborate with the environment by being more responsible? Although your pace is fast as you read this article and you may think this is an impossible mission, we have four small gestures to lead a more responsible lifestyle for the planet.  

Everthing that’s in the list 
From the creators of: “I don’t know why I’m here” and “I’ll carry this just in case”, we now have “Make a list, so it won’t happen to you”. Living life with “zero waste” is complicated enough, but when we go overboard buying things we don’t need, it’s all the more so. A simple solution, and good for the pocket, is noting everything down.

Eternal toys
There are many brands that offer sustainable and durable toys for all ages, a perfect way to contribute to environmental conservation and get your children to use and enjoy the same toy over several years.

Food is not thrown away, but reinvented 
Do you have bananas that aren’t look so good? Make a smoothie or banana bread with them! There are many foods that don’t look so appealing shortly after buying them (and more so in summer). That does not mean, however, that they’ve lost their nutritional properties. Exploit your creativity and prepare fun dishes with them. Psst… another tip; banana peel mixed with water makes a perfect fertilizer for your plants!

Dress sustainable fashion
We are not just saying that clothes should be handed down from an older to a younger sibling. Thanks to new technologies, many brands now use recycled materials and sustainable procedures.

Boboli has the OEKO-TEX and BSCI certifications that offer the little ones all the quality and comfort to play and play and play, while we take care of the environment.  


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