Reinvent yourself! 10 DIY crafts to give your old clothes a second life.

After everything you’ve been through together, don’t you think your clothes deserve a second life? If you’ve already reused clothes for all the kids in the house, you can take them to your nearest boboli store and leave them in our recycling bins. But if you’re a fan of DIY, make a note of these ideas to transform your old clothes into original accessories and decorations.
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Pick up some speed! A kit for little cyclists who eat ice cream in record time

No one has any doubt that the queens of summer are the pool and the beach. But there are millions of activities that are just as fun when you want to have a great time as a family. A bike ride, an afternoon playing games in the park, or a trip to the ice cream shop in the late afternoon are all ideal plans for summer days. Here are some color-filled outfits to wear for all those great moments.

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This jam jar hides 100€ vouchers, would you like to win one of them?

Contest Rules “We Need Your Strength!”

How It Works
We’re giving away ten €100 checks to spend in boboli’s online store. For every 500 comments on the contest post, the brand will give away one check at random, up to a maximum of 10 checks. If the post gets 500 comments, one check will be given away, if it gets 1,000 comments, two checks will be awarded, and so on up to a maximum of 10 checks. Read More