Surprise! Mini-Christmas trees with pine cones and corks


Is there anything more magical than the Christmas spirit? That’s why, today, we’re suggesting a craft you will love. What d’you think when we say you will need pine cones and corks? That we’ve gone nuts… right? Well, no! In this post, we will show you how to make mini-Christmas trees with pine cones and corks so that you can decorate your home in a super original way.

You can use pine cones you find in the woods and corks for the base of the trunk. A merry decoration that will occupy little space and look striking. You can use them to decorate little corners of the house like the hall or a side table in the living room. These friendly mini Christmas trees are really easy to make and, besides, they’re recycled!

What materials do we need to make them?

  • Several pine cones
  • Corks from used bottles
  • Wooden stars
  • Green paint
  • A brush
  • Craft glue

How do we make them?

The first step would be painting the pine cones green (and leaving them to dry). Then, with a little craft glue, we will stick each cork to the base of the pine cone very carefully. We will let this dry too.

The final touch consists in sticking the wooden stars to the top of the tree. And they’re done! If you want to personalize them further, give vent to your imagination and add your personal touch.  


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