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Do you remember those first months when you lived independently? That was when you learned the importance of being careful that no coloured garments slipped into the wash alongside your white clothes.

It was difficult to accept pink and gray shades as the main colours of your wardrobe essentials. You discovered the purpose of garment care labels and had to find a way of devising what they meant.

If this sounds like something far fetched, because you have only worn black cotton since then, we’ll provide you with a small summary in this article so that your children’s clothes stay intact for a long time.

This is the first symbol we see in the care label. It tells us if the garment can be washed, how to do so and the water temperature.  It’s important that we read it carefully if we don’t want our little one’s favourite pullover to be handed over to their toy dolls.  

Etiqueta de lavado

You know that gorgeous set of lively colours that your children wear on special occasions? If you don’t want them to turn into pastel shades, it’s important to know if the garments can be washed with bleach (present in many powder detergents).

Etiqueta de blanqueamiento

When you think the most difficult bits are over, we have the drying instructions. Having a washer and dryer combo doesn’t mean you can forget about this symbol, or you will have a cashmere jumper that now looks like Carton Pierre. Remember, when in doubt, dry the garment on a clothesline.

Etiqueta de secado

There are two types of persons in the world, those who love to iron and those for whom it is a headache. All the same, it is good to bear it in mind for garments with transfer motifs. Believe me, you are not going to want the bear from the trousers now stuck to the bottom of the Iron.

*Pro tip: Place a handkerchief between the picture and the iron!
*Pro tip 2: Hang the garment to dry well stretched, fold it lovingly and skip the ironing.

Etiqueta de planchado

Working to achieve sustainable fashion goes far beyond the moment of purchase. Bearing the basic washing instructions for your little one’s garments in mind is very easy to do. And we’ll be lengthening the useful life of the clothes in that way and can pass them on to siblings or donate them if we no longer need them while still in a good condition.

In boboli, you will find the care instructions on the tag of each garment. Besides, we are available to resolve your doubts on our social networks.


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