New Year, new list: intentions that can definitely be fulfilled.


The year is coming to a close and we’re starting to see memory books of everything that happened to us in 2022.

Spotify will tell you that your favourite artist has been the soundtrack of the children’s movie that was best loved by your little ones. Facebook will give you three thousand photos of that day you dressed them up so fancy, when all you wanted was one picture to send to the family in which no one was moving.  And Amazon, will make you value all the knick-knacks you kept buying.

It’s been a great year! But… how’s your personal list of intentions? Those awful lists we make full of great expectations, without taking anything into consideration and which, for one reason or another, we find it so difficult to see through.

This article brings you a list of very simple intentions that we’re certain you’ll want to accomplish in 2023.

1.- Spend more time with your children
Find 30 minutes a day to talk to your children or look for a family activity to do once a week: colour in drawings, cook, look after the plants or take a long walk. We assure you that you will be grateful for these little moments that will strengthen your relationship.

2.- Set realistic limits.
It’s not always easy to be calm. When you see that a situation is starting to get the better of you, stop, breathe, count up to ten (or twenty, if you need to) and try to listen to them. Talking and negotiating with them will be much easier for you if you’re calm, and maybe you’ll be saving yourselves some arguments 😉.

3.- Encourage and convey positiveness
Congratulate your little ones once a day for something they’ve done, however small it is or obvious it may seem to you. It will help your children grow emotionally stronger.

4.- Let your children make mistakes
Making mistakes is inevitable and human. We often try to save our toddlers the trouble of doing things, but we must allow them to be self-sufficient and find their own tools for resolving problems.

5.- Save some space for yourself
Set aside a day, a weekend, a couple of hours a month or whenever suits you best to spend time on yourself. Disconnect from work and the preoccupations of home. The better you are, the better everything around you will be.


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