Get ready for spring. Five looks that will triumph in your closet this season


With the temperatures dropping, we have our sights set on spring. Today we’re presenting five spring-inspired styles that will be a hit in your closet starting now. Pieces in bright colors and print fabrics that are part of our DNA. Which one are you?

Boho safari. Wild at heart, but well groomed? This is your look. Live all of life’s adventures while staying chic.

In the picture, trousers by boboli, bag by Donsje, espadrilles by Okaa Spain and sweatshirt by boboli.

Minimal surf. Is your heart torn between the waves and the city streets? This is the look for you. Surfer and urbanite at the same time.

In the picture, shirt by boboli, backpack by Herschel, sneakers by Akid and denim trousers by boboli.

Trendy countryside. Lovers of nature and animals are in luck. We’ve found the perfect outfit for your adventures out in the countryside.

In the picture, plush trousers by boboli, reversible parka by boboli, pouch by Meri Meri and moccasins by Wolfie and Willow.

Jungle vibes. If you like thrills, this is the look for you. For kids who are equal parts trendy and intrepid.

In the picture, sweater by boboli, backpack by Amazon, sneakers by Vans and plush trousers by boboli.

Sailor chic. In style from the bow to the stern, and from port to starboard. If you feel right at home on the high seas, this is your outfit.

In the picture, denim trousers by boboli, necklace by 31 Bits, top by boboli and rain boots by Okaa Spain.


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