Do you love cactuses as much as we do? Then, you’ve got to see this post.



At boboli, we can’t get enough of cactuses. We always keep a few around the office to liven things up. This season we’ve also covered our clothes with these peculiar plants. If you’re crazy about them too, check out the gems in this post. You’ll want them all!

Light-up cactuses
We loved both the neon version and the cactus nightlight. They’ll add an original touch of summer to any room.


Allies on the beach
Bikinisbathing suits and rompers. If you’re a fan of cactuses, you’re in luck this season.


Fabulous accessories
We love accessories – even more if they’re cactus-shaped. This necklace and pin will add a bit of fun to your little ones’ outfits.


Let’s party!
Do you need some original tableware for your next party? Here are two options: paper plates by Meri Meri and cactus-shaped cups with a built-in straw. Which one’s right for you?


boboli’s Cuban Fair Collection
Our spiny friends are also to be found on shirts and skirts. Have you seen boboli’s Cuban Fair  collection yet? You’ll love it!


Adorable cookies
For those with a sweet tooth, here are two discoveries that will change your life: a cactus-shaped cookie cutter and a cookie jar to keep your stash safe.


Blow-ups for the beach
What do you think of this giant raft in the shape of a cactus? You imagine yourself in the pool already, can’t you? We adore these designs by the Australian brand Sunnylife. There’s something for everybody, like this blow-up to test your aim.


An oasis in your bedroom
This collection of blankets, pillowcases and bedspreads by Philip Colbert has won us over. You can create a real oasis in your bedroom.




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