DIY: Home Concerts


In today’s post we propose a wonderful and very entertaining activity to bring out the genius we all have inside while having fun and learning together. 

Flautist of Hamelin
Do you remember that very popular story? It’s time you told your little ones about the powers of this instrument while creating your own.

  1. Get some straws from the house and cut them in different lengths.
  2. Place them in order from long to short and use Washi tape to hold them together.
  3. Tip: Use coloured straws and decorate them with stickers to create the most mesmerising flute in the world.

Summer is already over, but we can bring the Caribbean rhythm home with sustainable maracas.

  1. Make use of 0.5 cl water bottles or small liquid packs, filling them with rice, seeds,  stones, buttons…
  2. Use kitchen paper tubes for the handles. Decorate them with the brightest summer colours you have and…  Let’s dance!

To the beat of drums
With this craft, your children will become the next John Bonham. To discover if they are born drummers, you’ll have enough with some food tins of different sizes and some coloured balloons.

  1. Cut the balloons in half.
  2. Cover the upper part of the tins with them. Make sure the edges are well covered so no one gets scratched 😉
  3. For the drumsticks, jab a couple of corks with some fruit skewers and Ta-dah! Drums done!

Now you already have some ideas for an evening of music and crafts that the little and not so little children are going to love. And if you need more inspiration, take a look at our latest capsule.

Best of luck for your next home concert, you future stars!


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