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Go back to school in style. Discover boboli’s Back-to-School collection.

Back to school is around the corner! And at boboli we’re back with more enthusiasm than ever. The Back to School collection exudes energy, color and creativity. Comfortable, practical and versatile garments to send your tots off to start classes at full blast. What discoveries will they make this year?



For girls, sporty chic with bold prints and colors.


And shirts and dresses with spunky messages to fill their days with energy.


For all-terrain boys, sportswear is full of urban elements.


And tee-shirts with vibrant colors like orange and lime green will be their allies.


For baby girlsprinted sportswear to unleash their creativity.


And for baby boys, a collection of sweatshirts to play without restraint.

Do you want more ideas and looks?
Discover boboli’s whole 
Back-to-School collection.