Rhythm is the best stain remover.

When you hit play, everything changes. Brooms turn into microphones and garbage cans turn into drums. Fantastic choreographies come together, spray bottle in hand, and vacuuming becomes an elegant ballroom dance.

Chores are much more fun when there’s music playing. You may even hope they never end! So hit play and start enjoying your housekeeping! Read More

Travel with boboli to the world’s best swimming holes.

Beaches are a favorite holiday destination. No doubt, you’ve included any number of coastal destinations you’d like to visit on your travel wish list. We’d like to take you one step further and suggest these places with the best swimming holes in the world. Whether it’s for your adventurous kids or for a romantic getaway, if you’re feeling the call of the wild, take note. 😌 Read More

Defying density! The definitive poolside kit.

It’s almost summer time! Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes the long-awaited beach and pool season. Finally! Do you have everything you need? No? No problem, there’s still time. With these boboli beach outfits, boys and girls will be both comfortable and trendy. Let’s hit the water!
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