Eat Your Physics! Recipes Inspired by the Laws of Physics

Physics is in a starring role this season. The laws of physics are all around us, everywhere we turn. They’re all over the place! Today, we’re letting our foodie side take over, and we’re proposing some ideas, tips and recipes inspired by the laws of physics. They’re all based on a healthy and balanced kid-friendly diet. So grab your aprons and try out some of these ideas. Plus, you’ll be surprised by the benefits of cooking as a family. Ready, set, cook!
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Valentine’s Day. Looks to attract everyone’s attention.

Attraction (At): you + me divided by embarrassment plus, “Do you want to go to the movies?” We are constantly surrounded by the laws of physics, even on Valentine’s Day. Today we honor love with 5 looks to attract everyone’s attention. Who will your Valentine’s Day be dedicated to? Read More