Sales guide: summer essentials for girls you’re sure to love.

Is your little girl the coolest? Do you love sales? Are you short on time to look for the best deals? Busy moms and dads… we have the solution! Today we’ve prepared a selection of deeply discounted summer essentials for girls. Fun and trendy clothes that you’ve just got to have in your closet. Add a touch of color to your summer days! Read More

Summer workshop. Build your own piñata with boboli.

At boboli, we think any excuse is a good excuse to throw a party. But if it’s a pool party with ice cream, all the better. Today we’re paying homage to a must-have at any party: the piñata. This classic is making a real comeback, in a whole range of fun and original shapes. Did you know that you can make your own piñata at home, in any shape you want? Find some inspiration from these examples, and get ready to take a swing!
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Dive into boboli sales. Discover the coolest swimsuits.

Beat the heat, with a wave of color! boboli sales are here, with the coolest designs in children’s swimwear. Today, we present a selection of fun and colorful clothes for the beach and the pool. Cool fashion at fresh prices. Ready for a dip? Read More