Boboli Denim Club. The rockin’est looks ever!

At boboli we’re always on trend, but we also love the classics! And if there’s one thing that never goes out of style, like rock ‘n roll, it’s denim. Check out these rockin’ outfits and accessories to keep you dancing all through the autumn. Join the club! Read More

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A Brief Trip through Rock and Roll

Legend tells that Rock and Roll originated in the United States during the 50s, the result of a blend of blues, gospel, country and popular music from Tin Pan Alley. But if you know how to keep a secret, we will tell you the truth: Rock and Roll could have been born anywhere, at any time. No matter how many times it has come to life before, its music will always sound as fresh and thrilling as if it had been born yesterday! Read More

Go back to school like a real rock star!

At Boboli, we’re wrapping up summer with a lot of stories to tell. New beginnings, new friends, and a whole lot of discoveries to make during the new school year. Get ready to hit play because, this year, we’re going to give it our all!
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