A Summer in boboliland. Discover the coolest pics on Instagram.

This summer we have defied the laws of physics—and we’re having a blast! Our feet have pedaled faster than the speed of light. We have wrestled the heat into submission and devoured ice cream in record time. We’ve pulled out our flamingo floats to test the pool’s density. And we’ve found a balance on improvised swings with four ropes and a tire.

We’re reliving these great moments with a selection of the best Instagram photos. Do you want to show off your holidays? Share your summer photos tagging @boboli_Fashion and with the hashtag #boboliland. Read More

Sockless and Wild. Fashion for Little Geniuses.

We just couldn’t wait to be like Dr. Einstein! Hang on, hang on… we don’t mean taking a picture with our tongues sticking out or discovering a new scientific theory; we mean not wearing socks now that it’s getting warmer. They say the German physicist never wore socks with his shoes, because they bothered him. If you like following your own rules too, don’t miss these summer outfits. There’s nothing more relative than taste. To each his own! Read More

Desert expedition. The authentic adventurer’s kit

It’s time to board into a new adventure and load our backpack with experiences. Today we are prepared for a new expedition through the desert like real explorers. Take your water bottle, your compass and your intuition for a dream trip.  Read More

One cocktail baby! Cocktails for the little ones

In boboli we’d like to test your taste! Create, mix and get inspired with the creative recipes that we suggest and become the best barman of the summer. Raise your hand if you want one! Read More