The best books to learn, imagine and discover

International Book Day is around the corner, and in boboli we want to give you some ideas, so you know what books to ask for this next 23rd of April. Alongside with Penguin Random House we have selected five books that will not leave you indifferent! You will never get sick of reading them again and again. We want you to discover reading’s incredible adventures with us!



Elmer is not like the other elephants in his herd. It might be hard to believe, but he is a multi-coloured elephant: green, blue, white, pink, yellow… Incredible! Right? But Elmer doesn’t find this funny at all, he is actually sick of being different, so when day he decides to escape from the herd and go look for a remedy to turn his skin the same colour as all the others…

Elmer is the youngest ones’ favourite elephant. As there is no other elephant like him in the whole jungle: his bright colours make him different from everyone else. With his fun stories, perfect to read as a family, we learn that all of us are just as special as he is.

With this classic, you will learn very important values such as solidarity, respect, friendships and, above anything else, to celebrate differences.



A new version of the St. George’s legend! A legend that was forgotten for many years. Open your ears and eyes. Close your mouth, a fly might fly into it. And get ready to discover exactly how a terrible lady-dragon terrorised a whole village. How she was about to eat a beautiful/handsome and delicate prince to satisfy her insatiable hunger. And how Georgina, the bravest of the brave, fixed this mess with audacity, ferocity and… humour. A lot of humour!

As maybe things are not like what we are told. And maybe roses as white. Or yellow instead…



A book that, with beautifully fun illustrations, teaches us the importance of sharing. Rainbow is the most beautiful fish in the ocean, because of his beautiful colourful scales. But regardless of his beauty, he feels very lonely. Why don’t the other fish want to play with? Find out reading this beautiful children’s classic.



Here comes the much anticipated sequel of the classic “The little lamb that came for dinner”. A little lamb, four hungry wolves and some very brave forest animals determined to stop a catastrophe from happening. But sometimes things are not what they seem…

Our little lamb and the wolf have become the best of friends. But it will be hard for the world to understand this unusual friendship… Just like when the little lamb invites his friends over to play and they run away terrified when they see the wolf. Or just like when the wolf invites his friends over for dinner and has to remind them, again and again, that the little lamb is not food. Will the world ever understand that the wolf and the little lamb can be… friends? An extraordinary book that questions our limitations and breaks stereotypes.



The children’s literature classic makes a comeback with a renewed edition! A fun, crazy, loving and imaginative story about the importance of family and the place each one has in it.

Poor Julieta! No one pays attention to her. Her mother is always busy with Salustiano, who is still a baby, and her father helps her older sister, Flor, with homework. It’s not easy being the middle child! And Julieta is about to lose her patience.

We hope you enjoy these very interesting stories to the fullest! If you have read some of these, tell us what you think through our social media!