Do you devour stories? These disguises are made for you

Are books a matter of love at first sight for you? Do you spend hours lost in the adventures of your favourite characters? Classic children’s literature is a must in all homes where there are children because it helps them stretch their imagination and daydream. There are countless protagonists you can disguise yourself as, but in boboli we have selected four that will inspire you to carry on cultivating the magic of reading at home.

The simplest ideas are, almost always, the most original and our proposals for Carnival are just that! Take a look at them so that you are conspicuous at the costume parade!

Sherlock Holmes


There is no end to famous novels on detectives. However, the foremost in this genre that will undoubtedly come to mind is Sherlock Holmes. He was created by Arthur Conan Doyle, an author who had not the vocation of a writer. The attire of this well-known detective is immediately recognisable: Always with his cap, magnifying glass and brown overcoat.

Here are some tips to be an authentic Sherlock Holmes. You will need:

  • An overcoat, like a trench coat, long and brown in colour.
  • A plain brown coloured cap, with no print or embroidery on it.
  • A magnifying glass and a pipe.


Pippi Longstocking


This girl quickly became one of the most beloved characters of children’s literature. Pippi Longstocking, a very entertaining orphan who lives with animals and who loves preposterous ideas, was brought to life in 1945 by the writer Astrid Lindgren. We all love Pippi, children as well as adults. None like her can wear those awful combinations of garments and flaunt them with such flair. Her famous standing up braids are impossible to miss.

Here are some tips so that you can look like Pippi Longstocking’s twin. You will need to:

  • Take any dress and adorn it with countless colourful patches
  • Below the dress wear a turtleneck jersey of your favourite colour. Remember that in this disguise, matching the colours is not important.
  • Choose the most extravagant stockings you have.
  • And most importantly: Plait your hair in those remarkable braids that Pippi has. Ask your parents to help you, because you are going to need some wire to keep them standing up.


Peter Pan

Peter pan

Children’s literature moved a step ahead when J.M. Barrie wrote the theatre play of Peter Pan. He, together with the other characters like Wendy or Captain Hook, is forever stamped on the retina of the tiniest tots. Children as well as adults will recognise this iconic figure in the twinkling of an eye.

Here are some tips so that you can be the child who did not want to grow up. You will need:

  • A long and loose green coloured T-shirt
  • Green coloured leggings too.
  • Brown coloured shoes and belt.
  • Finally, you will need some green and red fabric to make his famous cap.


Alice in Wonderland


Our final proposal could not but be the unmistakable and heroic soul Alice, created by Lewis Carroll. This curious story has also inspired a lot of different movie versions. From the moment it was published, the adventures of Alice in Wonderland have stolen the hearts of so many.

Here are some tips so that you can experience her adventures. You will need:

  • A sky blue dress.
  • A white apron to put on top of the dress.
  • A black coloured ribbon for your hair.
  • Blue and white striped stockings.
  • Black or white, flat or heeled ballerinas. Choose what pleases you most!

As you can see, there’s no dearth of ideas for your disguise this Carnival. Now it is up to you! All you need to do is get started on creating your best designs to be an authentic protagonist from children’s novels.

We’d love to see how entrancing you look! Upload it in Instagram and we will share it!