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Sockless and Wild. Fashion for Little Geniuses.

We just couldn’t wait to be like Dr. Einstein! Hang on, hang on… we don’t mean taking a picture with our tongues sticking out or discovering a new scientific theory; we mean not wearing socks now that it’s getting warmer. They say the German physicist never wore socks with his shoes, because they bothered him. If you like following your own rules too, don’t miss these summer outfits. There’s nothing more relative than taste. To each his own!

A tropical island can be the perfect inspiration for your outfit. Warm colors, fruit prints and light comfortable fabrics are always a good bet.
Outfit consisting of tie-up T-shirt, boboli skort in laurel, monocolored sandals, mesh tote bag and pineapple-shaped drinking glass.

Ready to set sail on Captain Cousteau’s Calypso? Dare to mix different patterns like we’ve done with this look. If you stay in the same color range, the effect will WOW you!
Print T-shirt, bermuda shorts and boboli cap, ice blue backpack, canvas sneakers and shark pin.

Multicolored flowers, rainbows, braids… Hippie inspiration is timeless. You’ll find super original accessories that are out of the ordinary and will make your look way groovy. Peace and love!
In the image, boboli knit jumpsuit and denim jacket, rainbow-shaped bag, fantasy glasses and fuchsia sandals.

Sometimes, what seems like a basic outfit – bermuda shorts and a striped shirt – can become sophisticated with just a few accessories. In this case we took our inspiration from Italy. O, sole mio!
Print T-shirt and blue bermuda shorts by boboli, sneakers with velcro closure, gondolier hat and instax camera.

Yellow and red? Yes, yes and yes, and all the better if it’s gingham. This season, you’ll find sequins and bright appliqués on many boboli pieces that will help you shine even brighter. Shine bright like a diamond.
T-shirt with sequins, trousers in ruby red by boboli, striped avarcas, gingham print sunglasses and drawstring bag.