Travel with boboli to the world’s best swimming holes.

Beaches are a favorite holiday destination. No doubt, you’ve included any number of coastal destinations you’d like to visit on your travel wish list. We’d like to take you one step further and suggest these places with the best swimming holes in the world. Whether it’s for your adventurous kids or for a romantic getaway, if you’re feeling the call of the wild, take note. 😌 Read More

Adventure in the desert. Discover the most impressive deserts in the world

A few months ago, the boboli team went on an expedition in the Bardenas Reales desert in Navarre to produce our incredible springsummer catalog. The pictures are amazing, aren’t they? That’s the magic of the desert!

Today we’ll be showing you the most spectacular deserts in the world. They are special places, with a lot of history and a flora and fauna all their own, that will take your breath away. Read More