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Eat Your Physics! Recipes Inspired by the Laws of Physics

Physics is in a starring role this season. The laws of physics are all around us, everywhere we turn. They’re all over the place! Today, we’re letting our foodie side take over, and we’re proposing some ideas, tips and recipes inspired by the laws of physics. They’re all based on a healthy and balanced kid-friendly diet. So grab your aprons and try out some of these ideas. Plus, you’ll be surprised by the benefits of cooking as a family. Ready, set, cook!
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One cocktail baby! Cocktails for the little ones

In boboli we’d like to test your taste! Create, mix and get inspired with the creative recipes that we suggest and become the best barman of the summer. Raise your hand if you want one! Read More


Boboli and the ice cream factory

When’s the perfect time for ice cream? Anytime! At boboli we’ve created our own ice cream truck. Hop in and learn how to make ice cream at home. Ice, ice baby! Read More