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Sockless and Wild. Fashion for Little Geniuses.

We just couldn’t wait to be like Dr. Einstein! Hang on, hang on… we don’t mean taking a picture with our tongues sticking out or discovering a new scientific theory; we mean not wearing socks now that it’s getting warmer. They say the German physicist never wore socks with his shoes, because they bothered him. If you like following your own rules too, don’t miss these summer outfits. There’s nothing more relative than taste. To each his own! Read More


Fashion for little physicists: Are you light, energy or rest?

There are days when you wake up feeling like the world is your oyster. Others, you’re in chill out mode. The laws of physics are as varied as your moods. With that in mind, we’ve created five outfits for girls inspired by five different laws: light, energy, rest, balance and acceleration. Which one do you feel like most today?

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A trendy wardrobe. Discover what’s new for girls from boboli


Restocking your girls’ closets? This summer, our pieces are awash with prints, colours and a whole lot of fun. Discover boboli’s fabulous new designs for girls and start counting down to the best time of the year. Can you feel the sea breeze? Read More


Cool families. Best boboli looks seen on Instagram

The boboli community just keeps growing! We love seeing all your photos. They keep amazing us day after day. It’s living proof that style is ageless. Now we’d like to show you our appreciation with this ranking of the best looks we’ve seen on Instagram. Read More


Welcome, spring! Trends you’ll love this season

Switching out your winter clothes? We’ll give you the inside story on the trends coming your way for spring. Shhhhh! Spoiler alert! Things are getting very retro this season. We’re bringing back vintage pieces like the bomber jacket and filling our collection with 80s details like ruffles and bold-colored blazers.

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