Streetstyle: Outfits Inspired by Rap Stars

The streets are our inspiration. Full of culture, art and color. Many breakthrough musical styles and the most incredible trends have been born on the street. Today, we look at great rappers, hip hop and R&B stars and imitate their looks. Who’s your favorite?

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Rock Star Survival Kit

Being a rock star isn’t easy. You have to work hard. Change your clothes over and over. Put on and take off your makeup. Rehearse all the time. Rinse and repeat. Lucky for you, at boboli we’ve created the definitive survival kit for pint-sized rock stars. It never fails!

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A Brief Trip through Rock and Roll

Legend tells that Rock and Roll originated in the United States during the 50s, the result of a blend of blues, gospel, country and popular music from Tin Pan Alley. But if you know how to keep a secret, we will tell you the truth: Rock and Roll could have been born anywhere, at any time. No matter how many times it has come to life before, its music will always sound as fresh and thrilling as if it had been born yesterday! Read More


At boboli we’re going to the festival! Part I

Festival season is here! That’s why at boboli we’ve prepared this top 10 with the best festivals for enjoying music with your family. Choose your favorite destination and… Let’s dance! Read More