Accessories workshop. Design your own accessories with boboli.

At boboli we love DIY! It’s a great way to spark creativity for your and your kids while creating unique objects and pieces. Today we’ll be learning to create our own accessories with materials that are easy to find or that you may already have at home.
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Celebrate World Wildlife Day with boboli. Fun activities for the whole family.

Today we’re celebrating World Wildlife Day. It’s a day to celebrate the beauty and variety of wild flora and fauna and to help children learn about the importance of biodiversity and preserving all forms of life. That’s why we’re proposing some fun and very entertaining activities for the whole family. Take note!
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New Year’s Eve Party. Celebrate the new year with boboli.

2016 is ending, a year full of adventures and discoveries. This year we’ve surfed far-away seas and danced our feet off to the sound of rock ‘n roll. Send the year off with a bang by taking these tips from boboli. Let’s get the party started!
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Rock Star Survival Kit

Being a rock star isn’t easy. You have to work hard. Change your clothes over and over. Put on and take off your makeup. Rehearse all the time. Rinse and repeat. Lucky for you, at boboli we’ve created the definitive survival kit for pint-sized rock stars. It never fails!

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Summer is here! Let’s throw a party!

Summer is here! Why don’t we celebrate it with a huge party? At boboli we have some great ideas to make it an unforgettable event. Write these down! Read More


May, the month of flowers. Create your own garden!

Welcome, May! At boboli we are celebrating the month of flowers by becoming gardeners for a day. Here are some ideas for creating your personal garden. You only need paper, paint and lots of imagination. Read More