Everyone to the Table! Learn as You Decorate with the Whole Family.

Any day is a good day to put our creativity to work. This time, the kitchen is the perfect setting to show off our originality as we set the table. At boboli we’re presenting some ideas to make this everyday task into a fun opportunity to enjoy decorating with the whole family. 🍴❤️

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Look Scarily Good with Boboli

Jumping in piles of dry leaves on the sidewalk, snuggling up in your favorite blanket, the smell of chestnuts as you stroll through town… Fall has lots of things that appeal to the little ones in the house. But there’s just one they can’t wait for: the terrifyingly fun night of Halloween. 🎃

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Gift Guide: Toys that Will Take Over the Streets

Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar have made up their minds: this Christmas season, no electric games and no TV. On January 6, everyone will be playing out on the street! You can rely on traditional games like hide-and-seek or hopscotch, or pick up some of these fun toys. Discover our games selection.
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Our Street, Our Rules. The 10 Rules of Street Play.

You don’t need electricity, buttons or screens to have a great time. Playing means feeling the breeze on your face as you ride a bike, meeting in the same place at the same time, and picking teams with new friends. Playing means running, jumping, laughing, sweating, getting dirty, falling and standing right back up again. Playing means heading out to the street! Join our club by following these ten golden rules. Read More