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Book Club: Books for Little Scientists.

Do you have a little Einstein or a little Marie Curie at home? Launch your little one’s gray matter into orbit! Taking advantage of the fact that today is World Book Day and that our latest catalog is inspired by the laws of physics, we’ve created a list of science-themed children’s books. Shout it loud and clear: Eureka! Read More


Books to spark imagination and discovery. Celebrate World Book Day with boboli.

This Sunday, the young and old will surround themselves with stories, adventures and unknown worlds. Encouraging kids to read has countless benefits: it stimulates their imaginations and creativity, it’s a source of learning, it awakens their curiosity, and it promotes concentration.


To give you a few ideas for World Book Day, we’ve compiled a few books of different kinds, where illustrations play a leading role. Fantastic! Read More


Read to create! In boboli, we celebrate Sant Jordi with these top 10.

Are you still wondering what could be better than a book? Ten books! At boboli we have made a selection of ten children’s books, classic and contemporary, for all ages. Colors, shapes, maps and superheroes are here to celebrate Sant Jordi and Book Day with you.

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