Mission: Christmas


The countdown to a period that all of us elders and children adore is beginning. All the more so when it’s elders with children. From making a list of their favourite toys, decorating the house or seeing their faces when they open their gifts… You end up smiling far more than them!

This article brings you a list of Christmas markets that you must visit if you can. They are full of magic and will charm all of you.

Budapest (Feast of Advent in the Basilica), Hungary
If you are looking for inspiration for Christmas menus, this is the place for you.  More than 100 chefs cooking typical fares of the season and stands with Christmas decorations. Besides, there will be light shows projected on the facade of the Basilica every night.

The perfect outfit for visiting it? This one, to withstand the cold.

Madeira, Portugal
If you like Christmas, but don’t enjoy the cold, you’ll lose your heart to Madeira. It’s an island with its own magic and beauty, whose streets fill up with little lights and Christmas carols at this time of the year. A distinct way of celebrating these holidays that I’m sure will delight the little ones.  

This is the perfect outfit for visiting Madeira at Christmas:

Valkenburg, The Netherlands
It is rumoured that Father Christmas was in fact from here, and if you can visit it sometime you’ll understand why. It’s a place where you eat, drink, look, listen, and live Christmas in a spectacular manner.  You’ll return with more than one Christmas decoration.

And this outfit is what we propose for Valkenburg:

Brussels, Belgium
If just the name sounds somewhat mysterious, imagine it at this time of the year. In this little market,  in the city centre, you can enjoy its famous hot chocolate and many shops in which craftsman will charm you with their decorative designs.

This is our perfect outfit for visiting it:

After reading this article, we feel that if there was even a little bit of the Grinch in you, it will have totally disappeared. This time of year can appear cold and dark, except when Christmas and, above all, its little markets are back!


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