Ideas for creating Christmas looks (that are not left in the wardrobe)


These dates are full of different celebrations. We go from one house to another thinking of what we’re going to wear, and wanting the littlest ones to have a wonderful time.

Sometimes, this desire clashes head on with the idea of dressing them ideally, because the outfits we think up for them are not always the most comfortable or the most versatile.   

We bring you some looks in this article that can serve as a guide so that they are more handsomely dressed than ever this Christmas and without you breaking your head over it.

For the very youngest (from 0 to 2 years)
For their comfort and yours, rompers will be your best option. A comfy garment that will keep them warm, is easy to access when you need to change them, and one in which the little tots can freely move. Velvet gives that festive touch that makes a celebration special. And if they fall asleep (cross your fingers), they’re already in their pyjamas.

For the medium small (from 6 months to 6 years)
You have to choose very carefully for these age groups. A knit dress is a key garment for these dates.  You can combine it with leotards or leggings and use it at very different moments. For the boys, a good Tricot jersey is perfect for a break for one day from those sweatshirts they really love. Besides, this one doesn’t scratch and is super warm.

For the not so small (from 4 to 16 years)
The not so small are wishing to leave the kiddy’s table for that of the adults. And this is not only evident during the dinner, but when they’re getting dressed. Our children are adopting their own style and, sometimes, it’s not inspired in us, rather it’s quite the contrary. 

We urge you to get them garments that they like, that are somewhat special, but that above all, are not left forgotten in the wardrobe.


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