The greatest joy is seeing our baby for the first time. The second is to give them the best care possible and cuddle them.

Here’s a list of things we think will help your little one feel like they’re on a cloud (and you, super calm).

Cotton onesies 

Like your favourite white t-shirt, onesies are a must-have for any baby’s wardrobe. Besides being comfortable, they are Bob&Oli, our line of products made with organic cotton, which is great for helping prevent chafing and other skin problems.

Blankets and swaddles

Babies need to be warm and comfortable, especially in the first few months of their life. Cotton blankets and swaddles are perfect for keeping your baby warm and comfortable. They can be used over the pram or stroller to keep your baby safe from the sun and wind. Double win!


Whoops, getting dirty will be inevitable, but the bibs will help us keep the mess under control. They can also help prevent irritation and rashes on their skin. Choose ones that are made of a soft and waterproof material that you can wash easily.


At the beach or walking around the city, soft cotton hats are the best choice to protect your baby from the sun. Back off, you UV rays!

Light jackets

Even if the weather is pleasant, it is always a good idea to bring a light jacket in case it gets cold. Soft cotton jackets are perfect for protecting your baby from changes in temperature.


Leggings can be a good choice for babies because they keep their feet warm and don’t chafe. Warm feet make everything better.


Rompers are perfect for relaxing moments (both for you and your baby) when it comes to sleeping or being comfortable at home.

In short, deciding on the right clothes is key to protecting your baby’s skin and keeping him comfortable and happy. We at Boboli have commitments beyond organic cotton. All of our garments are certified to be made from durable and ethically sourced materials because we believe that what we buy matters.


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