Did you know that horses’ teeth never stop growing? We’ll explain!


Did you think that horses, like most mammals, have only one change of teeth? Well, the reality is quite different. Their teeth practically never stop growing because they are herbivorous and their teeth are designed for chewing grass and forage.

In general they spend between 8 to 12 hours masticating while grazing, so their teeth get very worn down. This is the reason why they never stop growing, or they would not be able to eat correctly.

How many teeth do they have?

Most people believe that horses only have their front teeth because that is all we see at first glance. However, horses also have grinders that are not visible.

We can know their age from their teeth.   

The baby teeth appear during the first 8 months of life. Some are even born with 2 incisors in each jaw. It is only after 2 and a half years that the milk teeth give way to the permanent teeth. The teething process ends at age 5. But, as we have already mentioned, their teeth never stop growing because of the constant wearing away.


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