Clothes that can handle countless adventures!


The little ones grow by leaps and bounds, and each day is full of challenges that put the clothes they wear to the test. In this article, we explain what you should look for when buying quality clothing that can withstand all their games and somersaults.

Resistance and durability

Our children’s daily lives are full of adventures. Some battles are won, while others result in casualties, such as torn pants, missing buttons, or stuck zippers…  The durability of the clothes you choose will make them stand out in any race, treasure hunt, or art class.

At boboli, we make it easier for you by selecting durable materials, which ensure that all the clothes can be passed down from generation to generation.

Comfort first

Some materials or clothes, if not appropriate, can hurt the skin of the little ones.  We’re sure you’ve had to leave a jumper in the closet more than once because it’s itchy.

Since our main concern is that children feel free to play with no worry besides having fun, we pay a lot of attention to the comfort and softness of our designs to make sure we protect their skin.

End-to-end sustainable clothing

Choose clothes made with materials that are gentle on your children’s skin, as well as the whole production process and the people who make them.

Boboli is committed to the well-being of future generations, which is why we comply with the standards of the REACH regulation. We also adhere to the OEKO-TEX standard and the BSCI Amfori certificate.

By implementing them, we ensure that we achieve the highest standards of safety for health, the environment, and working conditions for all our workers and suppliers.

Besides, at boboli, we want the little ones to enjoy a future full of possibilities. For this reason, we try to reduce our impact each year by using more sustainable practices.

So, as you can see, when we bet on quality, we are not only making sure that our children’s clothes last longer, but we are also helping the environment and, in turn, making their future better.


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