You still don’t know Keta? Discover her with boboli!

Do you remember our friend Keta? She joined the boboli family a year ago: a strong, adventurous and brave doll, an initiative to collaborate with the Enriqueta Villavecchia Children’s Oncology Foundation, Fundación de Oncología Infantil Enriqueta Villavecchia.

Keta is more than a doll, she is a tribute to all persons, young and old, who are sick with cancer, who fight to value simple things and life. She also serves to recognise all those who believe in the value of helping each other.

keta 1

We, in boboli, are certain that success is the sum of small things, which is why we believe greatly in this small great project along the lines of the boboli Suma that responds to the company’s identity and commitment to childhood and the environment. We want Keta to accompany us in our daily activities in order to make her cause more visible.

Just like everyone else, Keta has a story. Silvia, a volunteer at the Foundation, appeared right in the middle of a brainstorming session for the Christmas Solidarity Fair with a pretty rag doll she had stitched. It was a replica of her son’s drawing and was baptized Enriqueta, Keta for her friends.

keta 2

But an unexpected companion made its appearance in the story, cancer, against which Silvia had been struggling for a long time. Keta waited on the shelf while Silvia’s companions recovered from the blow. And it was then, more than ever before, that Keta became a reality. The doll was adapted in order to be certified and, today, continues to be stitched by hand and is an indispensable player in collecting funds for the Foundation.

This is just one of so many reasons why we decided a year ago to collaborate with the Foundation and its wonderful task by placing Keta in all our shops. All the monies go to the Foundation so that it continues to advance in its great endeavour: helping children, youngsters and their families during cancer treatment.

keta 3

How can you join the cause?

If you believe in these values too and wish to collaborate, come and get your doll at any of our shops. Besides, you can follow Keta’s adventures in our Instagram and join the community by publishing your photos with the hashtags #descubreconKeta and #boboliland.


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