At home, everyone recycles!


The word recycling has been a part of our everyday vocabulary for ages.

We know what it means and how it is done, but how can we teach it to our kids at home?

Making small habits fun at home will make them internalize them and apply them to other environments.

In this article, we will show you a list of tricks and activities that will help your little ones become recycling experts.

Guess where it goes!
Kids love challenges. Ask them to put the bag in the right container and praise them if they do it right, or teach them to match the colours of their clothes to the bag.

Eco-friendly containers
When you go shopping, let them help with the decision-making. What is better for sandwiches, a cloth wrap or a roll of foil? A plastic bottle or a glass one? Knowing how to identify the most sustainable option will help them lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Let creativity live!
Just like we sometimes can see shapes in the clouds, a carton of milk can become a truck, a pencil, or a pot. Encourage your children to explore their creative side and help them reuse containers you have at home by building new objects. 

The three R’s of clothing
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. These are the three R keys we can apply to the clothes in our closet and teach our children to give clothes a second life.

You can reuse clothing by creating different looks with the same base garment, recycle garments by taking those that you don’t use anymore to a recycling point in our stores, and reduce consumption by buying quality garments that last a long time.

Another way to meet these three R’s is to bet on designs made from recycled fabrics, like these:

As you can see, there are many ways to teach recycling to the little ones, but the most important thing is that they understand the purpose of recycling and learn it as a game that also looks out for their own future.


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