5 key pieces in their wardrobe


Autumn has arrived, and with it a change of wardrobe as well as replacing clothes that have become small. We’re bringing you five essential pieces for a versatile basic wardrobe with innumerable options that will enable you to create different looks for this season without having to break your head or empty your pockets.

If we combine this garment with tracksuit pants, we’ll have a sporty look, but if we choose to wear a shirt below it, ta-dah! we’ll be creating a more elegant look for whatever the occasion calls for. So, get yourself a good sweatshirt because it will give you more than one outfit.

A universal basic. I could start to name all the advantages of this garment in its different hues,  finishings or designs, but is there anyone who still doubts how practical it is? Play, excursions, crawl-proof… they’ve earned their position in our list.

Waterproof Parkas
A great discovery with respect to fabric treatments. If we want to cover all weather conditions with a single garment this season, waterproof parkas are undoubtedly a safe bet.

The Checked Print
This does not refer to a specific garment, but the print which is a timeless basic for this time of the year. It doesn’t matter how they’re worn or the colour combinations you choose. No sooner you see them than you associate them with copper leaves on the ground and the smell of chestnuts.

You tend to overlook these until the day it starts raining cats and dogs and you have to choose between leather boots or white trainers. Get yourself a pair and save yourself the worry.  Besides, your little ones will love splashing in puddles.

With these basics in your little ones’ autumn wardrobe, you won’t be needing much more for them to be comfortable, protected from the cold and the rain and, above all, dressed sustainably in the latest style. As you can see, you don’t need much to have it all.


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