Do you devour stories? These disguises are made for you

Are books a matter of love at first sight for you? Do you spend hours lost in the adventures of your favourite characters? Classic children’s literature is a must in all homes where there are children because it helps them stretch their imagination and daydream. There are countless protagonists you can disguise yourself as, but in boboli we have selected four that will inspire you to carry on cultivating the magic of reading at home.

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Let spring in! Draw inspiration from the new SS19 collection

We know that in the heart of all winters there’s a spring that is forever beating. And in boboli we want your little one to launch the garments of the new SS19 collection. This season, our colour palette is dressed in primary tones like red, white and navy blue. The combinations with turquoise, blues and pinks in figurative and floral prints evoke the wild and, at the same, sweet tropical life. In boboli, we go all the way! Read More

For a Summer without a final chapter!

In summer, young ones have all the time in the world. Sun and beach take centre stage on sunny days. With our SS19: Summer Reading collection we will encourage reading among the little ones between each splash and dive. We, in boboli, love to read and want to share it with you. We will prove that reading will be the best thing you do this summer. We have a goal: that you slowly but surely get wise to the inconceivable adventure of reading with us. A book is millions, trillions, an infinite number of adventures… and you, only have to open one to stumble on them.

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