Come Over for a Snack? Outfits and Plans for Hosts and Hostesses.

When school is out, there are a lot of plans we can make as a family. Take a ride with mom on a scooter, play catch with dad in the park… but when the kings and queens of housekeeping have done all their chores for the week, the perfect reward is to invite friends to the house for a snack. Here are four special looks for a perfect snack session. Pick your favorite!

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Third Edition of the boboli Suma Awards. Find Out about the Winning Projects

At boboli, we know that success is the sum of a lot of small actions. On November 20, coinciding with Universal Children’s Day, we closed out the third edition of the boboli Suma Awards, recognizing and supporting three projects that contribute every day to ensuring children have the resources they need to grow as great human beings.

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